Round-Table Discussion

Activity Objective

To examine God's promise to Abraham and Sarah

Lesson Outcome

The children will demonstrate an understanding of God's promise to Abraham and Sarah.


  • Bibles
  • Poster paper
  • Pencils and pens
  • Notepaper


  • Take a few moments to speak with the children about the ways in which we observe the days before Jesus' birth.
  • When you feel the children are ready, ask them to form a seated circle on the floor or around a large round table.
  • Invite the children to close their eyes as you read aloud the story of God's promise in Genesis 12:1-6. Take a few moments to pause throughout the reading and encourage the children to imagine Abraham and Sarah's commitment to fulfilling God's wishes, their move to a new land, and so on.
  • Then ask the children to open their eyes and brainstorm a list of questions that they would like to ask Abraham and Sarah about their decision to answer God's call. Allow them to do this with a partner if they like.
  • Give the children about three minutes to prepare their questions. During this time, suggest that they also consider what they might ask God about his decision to choose Abraham and Sarah as the first of a Chosen People.
  • Next, invite the children to share their questions with the entire group.
  • Write their questions on a large piece of poster paper for all the children to read. Encourage all the children to share their thoughts and ideas about God's special relationship with Abraham and Sarah.
  • With the children still seated in a circle, ask them to review the list of questions on the poster paper.
  • Invite the children to think of a special prayer of gratitude to God for fulfilling his promise to Abraham through the birth of Jesus.
  • Ask the children to share, one at a time, their special prayer of thanks. Allow the children to say their prayers silently if they do not want to say them aloud.
  • Once everyone has had a chance to share, say: Let's prepare to celebrate Jesus' birth by being people of peace and love. Remind the children that celebrating Jesus' birth will help us remember how much he means in our own lives.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Self Smart

Approximate Time

25 minutes


Consider playing some of the instrumental music at the end of CD 2 as the children quietly reflect upon God's promise.