A Saintly News Report

All Saints Day Activity

Activity Objective

To understand how All Saints Day and All Souls Day celebrate the Communion of Saints

Lesson Outcome

The children will demonstrate the lessons learned from the saints and how to live by their examples.


  • Books about saints


  • Tell the children that the saints dedicated their lives to serving God and others by following the example of Jesus. Just as the saints followed Jesus' example, we can follow their examples in our daily lives.
  • Invite the children to find a saint about whom they would like to inform the group. Offer the children a chance to look through books about saints to gather information and ideas.
  • Allow the children to work in small groups or with a partner to create a news report covering the life of a saint. Encourage the children to be creative. Ask the children to mention ways in which the viewers can learn from the actions of this saint.
  • When the children have created their news reports, have them present their reports to the group.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes