A Saint's Story

Activity Objective

To identify the saints as people who lived model lives

Lesson Outcome

The children will examine the virtuous lives of saints and discover how to live as children of God.


  • Books about saints


  • Remind the children that Jesus gave us the grace of the sacraments to help us be closer to him and to one another. As children of God, we are part of the Communion of Saints.
  • Ask the children to join you in celebrating All Saints Day by exploring the lives of their favorite saints.
  • Gather the children into groups of four or five. If possible, have a book about saints available for each group. Otherwise, have the groups share the books that are available.
  • Invite the groups to choose one story to present to the entire group.
  • Allow the groups to read aloud their chosen stories or to retell the stories in their own words.
  • When the groups have finished telling their stories, ask the children to share the ways in which they can live as saints.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


Look for children's books about saints at your parish's library.


The reading levels among the children may vary, so consider finding books about saints that all the children will be able to comprehend.