A Sing-A-Long

Activity Objective

To understand that the saints are models for how we can live our lives

Lesson Outcome

The children will understand that Mary responds to God and shows us how to follow Jesus.


  • Finding God CD 2, Track 9, "Holy Is Your Name"


  • Invite the children to form two circles on the floor. Separate the children evenly.
  • Play CD 2, Track 9, ?Holy Is Your Name,? and have the children listen to the lyrics.
  • When the children are familiar with the rhythm of the song, have them sing the song together as a group.
  • Next, invite the children to sing the song as a round without the CD. Have one circle begin the singing, and then ask the other circle to start once the first group has sung the first verse.
  • After the round, form one large circle. Invite the children to offer ways in which they will live by Jesus' example in the coming week.

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Be sure the children are familiar with the song's lyrics before doing the activity.