Sing Along

Activity Objective

To identify the ways Jesus teaches us to live by his example

Lesson Outcome

The children will be able to understand that Jesus served his friends and wants us to follow his example.


  • Recording and lyrics of the song ?Here I Am, God,? Finding God: Grade 3, CD 2, Track 5.?


Refrain: Here I am, God. I am coming. My delight is to do your will! Here I am, God. I am coming. My delight is to do your will.

Verse 1: Pull me out of the muddy mire, set my feet up on the solid ground. In my heart you have put new laws, on my lips you have put new songs.

Verse 2: When my trouble and sins surround me, and my eyes cannot see the way, May your love and your kindness save me. God, my rescuer, don't delay.

Verse 3: Of your live I cannot be silent; I will shout of your wondrous plans. You have given me ears to hear you. Now I answer you, here I am!


  • Invite the children to share what they know about Holy Week. Remind the children of the story about Jesus teaching his friends how to show love for one another.
  • Spend a few moments sharing ways in which the children can be like Jesus and show love to others.
  • When you feel the children understand the significance of Holy Week and of our call to follow Jesus, invite them to listen to the song ?Here I Am, God.?
  • Provide the children with the song's lyrics and have them read along as it is played.
  • Encourage the children to sing along with the recording as they become familiar with the song.
  • After the group has sung the song a few times together, say: The words of this song remind us of how the apostles felt when they met Jesus and decided to serve him.
  • Ask the children: How does this song encourage us to follow Jesus?
  • Close the activity by inviting the children to share how they plan to be more like Jesus during Holy Week.

Learning Styles

Music Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes