Talk Show

Activity Objective

To learn about Saint Teresa of Avila

Lesson Outcome

The children will identify Saint Teresa of Avila as a woman of prayer.


  • Paper
  • Pens or pencils
  • Copy of Saint Teresa of Avila information:

Teresa of Avila was born in Spain in 1515. Her strict but loving father sent her to a? convent when she was 16 years old. Teresa discovered that she liked living in community with the other sisters. She liked living a very simple life.

At times Teresa felt herself growing away from God. She tried to pray but found it difficult. However, Teresa stayed faithful to God because she knew that it was what he wanted her to do.

Teresa wrote what she had learned about prayer and traveled throughout Spain to teach people about the simple life she lived. The things she wrote were so important that she was named a Doctor of the Church, a special kind of teacher. People who want to learn about prayer still read her books today. Her feast day is October 15.


  • After passing out and reading the handout, arrange the children in pairs.
  • One child in the pair should play the host, and the other should play Teresa of Avila. The host will prepare interview questions for Teresa of Avila to answer.

Learning Styles

Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Decide who should play the interviewer and who should play the saint. This will eliminate quibbling over who should be whom.