Thank You, Pope Saint Pius X

Activity Objective

To have the children realize that they benefited from Pope Pius X's work

Lesson Outcome

The children should realize that the reason they are able to make their First Communion at age 7 is a direct result of this saint's work.


  • Thank-you cards
  • Envelopes


  • Provide each child with a thank-you card after reading the following and discussing Pope Pius X:

Pius X wanted Catholics to receive Holy Communion often. He believed that children should be able to receive Holy Communion around age seven. He wanted them to be close to Jesus. Pope Pius X spread God's love to the world. He spent his life helping others. He created charities to care for people who were poor.

  • Encourage the children to talk about what it means to be able to receive Holy Communion at age seven rather than age 12.
  • Give the children five or six minutes to write a thank-you note to Pope Pius X.
  • Instruct the children to place their thank-you notes in the envelopes, seal the envelopes, and write their names on the front.
  • Collect the cards and save them.
  • Return the sealed envelopes to each child after their First Communion, when discussing the experience of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time.

Learning Styles

Logic/Math Smart, Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


As the children write their thank-you notes, walk around to check the content, encouraging the children who may be struggling for ideas.

Write words on the board as children ask for help with spelling.


Be aware of any of the children who struggle with writing.