My Thank-You Prayer

Activity Objective

To encourage the children to appreciate and be thankful for Jesus' gift of new life

Lesson Outcome

The children will express joy and thanks to Jesus for the gift of salvation we receive through his death and resurrection.


  • Half-sheet of drawing paper with butterfly outline in the corner (one for each child)
  • Pencils
  • Crayons


  • Tell the children that this activity will give them a chance to thank Jesus and share with him their joy in his resurrection.
  • Give each child a sheet of butterfly paper to fold to make a thank-you card for Jesus.
  • Remind the children of the joy of the two girls and their butterfly box. Ask the children why they think the butterfly is on the paper. (It reminds us of Jesus' new life.)
  • Invite the children to write a thank-you note to Jesus for dying and rising from the tomb to save us. Ask them to tell Jesus what it means to them and how it will help them in living their lives.
  • Conclude by reminding the children what a wonderful event this is and that we should show our thanks to Jesus by living our lives the way he wants us to.

Learning Styles

Self Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Assure the children that you won't collect their prayers. They may take them home to put in a special place where they will be reminders to thank Jesus often for the gift of new life.