Activity Objective

To learn the value of trust, trust in others, and trust in God

Lesson Outcome

The children will gain a greater understanding of the value of trusting others.


  • Blindfolds for half of the class
  • Objects from the room set up as an obstacle course


  • Explain to the children that the basis of our faith is trust in God.
  • Explain also that we must love God and our neighbor and show this love.
  • Set up a simple obstacle course in the room. Suggestions include climbing under a desk, weaving around chairs, writing something on the board, moving a pile of books to another desk, and so on.
  • You should have about five to six different stations in the obstacle course.
  • Arrange the children in pairs.
  • Explain that one child in each pair will be blindfolded and the other will lead his or her blindfolded partner through the obstacle course using verbal and physical cues. After one of the pair has been blindfolded and led through the course, the pairs will switch roles and the other partner will be blindfolded and led.
  • Begin with a group at each station and then instruct them to go through each station in order. If you have more pairs, some can wait and watch (and cheer) the other groups.
  • Once the first person has been through the course, blindfold the other partner and begin again.
  • When all the pairs have been through twice (once per partner), invite the children to sit in a circle and discuss their feelings about being blindfolded. Ask them to focus on the level of trust needed between partners. Ask the children to explain how this experience might be similar to our relationship with God.

Learning Styles

Body Smart, People Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Make sure there is plenty of room between the stations.

You can bring in some toddler toys, such as a small staircase, a small basketball hoop, or other items to add to the stations if you have space.


Pair everyone with someone with whom they feel comfortable. The children could pick partners, but be sure that no one is left out.