Walking in Their Shoes

Fourth Commandment Activity

Activity Objective

The young people will reflect on the Fourth Commandment and their attitudes toward obedience to their parents or other adults.

Lesson Outcome

The young people should be able to identify the implications of following the Fourth Commandment.


  • Paper, pencils


  • Review the Fourth Commandment with the group.
  • Direct the young people to think of three rules they live by at home. Have them write them on a sheet of paper.
  • Next, have them write next to each rule three or four sentences about why their parents might have made such a rule.
  • Then invite volunteers to share their work and to comment on whether or not they will have that same rule for their own children some day.
  • When everyone has shared, conclude by saying: "I hope that this exercise has helped us to see the wisdom in the Fourth Commandment."

Learning Styles

People Smart, Self Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


If the young people are hesitant to share their thoughts aloud, you can form small groups for the final discussion.