Where Is Jesus?

Activity Objective

To have children recreate Easter morning at the tomb

Lesson Outcome

The children will have the opportunity to think about what it was like for Jesus' disciples to find an empty tomb on Easter morning.


  • Arrange the children into four groups.
  • Ask each group to think about what might have been said by the disciples when they found an empty tomb. Have them share a couple of ideas with the larger group.
  • Then encourage them to act out the disciples' conversations in their small groups.
  • Give each group the opportunity to share with the larger group their version of a conversation at the tomb.
  • Encourage the groups to allow each child to participate in the conversation.

Learning Styles

Body Smart, People Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


If the group is receptive, take the conversations one step further by asking a child to play the part of the angel who met the disciples at the tomb.


Quiet or shy children may not want to talk in front of the entire group, but they should stand with their partners as others talk.