Who Am I? How Do I Serve?

Using Talents Activity

Activity Objective

To teach the children that we all have a calling to use our talents to help others and to serve God

Lesson Outcome

The children will express an understanding of the dignity of all work and workers by identifying how workers serve the community and God.


  • Scrap paper
  • Pencils


  • Tell the children that this activity will help them appreciate how all community helpers share their talents.
  • Distribute scrap paper and pencils. Ask the children to close their eyes for a few moments to think of people who work in their neighborhood or community whose services they have benefited from recently. (doctors, salespersons, repair persons, teachers, waste-pickup workers) Ask them to think of the talents and skills that these people use in their work.
  • Then ask them to jot down some clues for a guessing game about these people. (Example: shows patience when I don't get something the first time; helps me learn new things; settles arguments between my friends and me)
  • Ask the children to join you in the guessing game. Invite a volunteer to give the group one clue at a time until they guess the identity of a worker. The child who guesses correctly may give the next set of clues.
  • Conclude by reminding the children that even though they are too young to have jobs, God wants them to share their gifts with their family, school, and neighborhood communities.

Learning Styles

Body Smart, Logic/Math Smart

Approximate Time

20 minutes


Stress with the children how we can all use our gifts to serve others like Jesus did.


Encourage respect for all kinds of work and workers.