Word Picture

Activity Objective

To encourage the children to talk about the wonders of creation

Lesson Outcome

The children should be able to describe the beautiful things that are special to them.


  • Invite the children to sit in a circle.
  • Tell the children that they will be using words to build a description of the beautiful things in creation.
  • Ask them to suggest a place, such as a beach or the mountains, that you can all describe together.
  • Then go around the circle and have each child add a word or phrase describing the place.
  • After all the children have had a turn, tell them to close their eyes and visualize the scene they have created with their words.
  • Ask them what their scene says about God.
  • Conclude by reminding the children that God is the creator of all the beautiful things in the world.

Learning Styles

Word Smart

Approximate Time

10 minutes


You may have to prompt some of the children if they don't know what to say.


Make sure that the place or scene the children are describing is one with which every child is familiar.