Works of Mercy

Activity Objective

The young people will reflect on how they can practice the Works of Mercy.

Lesson Outcome

The young people should be able to identify practical ways to act on God's invitation in everyday living.


  • 2 large sheets of chart paper
  • Old magazines, newspapers
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors


  • Review with the young people the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy:

Spiritual: acts of compassion by which we help our neighbors with their emotion and spiritual needs- instruct, console, forgive, advise, comfort, bear wrongs patiently

Corporal: kind acts by which we help our neighbors with their material and physical needs- feed the hungry, clothe the naked, bury the dead, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and imprisoend, give alms to the poor

  • Hang the two sheets of chart paper on the wall. Label one Spiritual Works of Mercy and the other Corporal Works of Mercy.
  • Allow the young people time to go through magazines and newspapers and cut out words and photos that represent the Works of Mercy.
  • Have the young people glue their cutouts onto the appropriate sheet of chart paper.
  • Lead the young people in a discussion of what they have made together and list concrete ways that people their age can perform the Works of Mercy.

Learning Styles

Art/Space Smart

Approximate Time

20-25 minutes