WWTHFD: What Would the Holy Family Do?

Activity Objective

To teach the children to consider what the Holy Family would do when faced with a difficult family situation

Lesson Outcome

The children will follow the example of the Holy Family in their own family lives.


  • Index cards with family-problem situations for group discussion


  • Tell the children that they will be discussing some family situations to help them practice being caring family members.
  • Divide the children into small groups. Give each group an index card with a family problem for them to discuss. (Examples: It is Joey's turn to do the dishes and his Little League game starts right after dinner; Mom is sick and Dad has a business meeting to attend.)
  • Ask each group to read their situation aloud and then ask the question, What would the Holy Family do? Suggest that they come up with some solutions to the problem that would be in keeping with what the Holy Family would do. Ask them to decide on what they think would be the best solution.
  • When all have finished, have a sharing time, pointing out how we can help our families by following the example of Jesus and his family.

Learning Styles

People Smart, Word Smart

Approximate Time

15 minutes


Encourage discussion of more than one appropriate way to handle a situation.


Make sure the children are respectful of each other's opinions when they disagree.

Not all of the children will be from traditional families.