Student Book

Student Book

The Student Book was created with the goal of teaching children that Jesus is the one around whom our lives is centered. It teaches children how to live out their faith in their daily lives and in communion with the Church. Through Scripture, doctrine, and prayer, children are guided into a deeper personal relationship with Christ.

Inside the Student Book

The Student Book has the same rock-solid content as always, but with an updated look and innovative new features that children will love. The same Student Book serves parish religious education classes and Catholic schools.

  • NEW Gather and Go Forth pages at the end of each chapter help children know, proclaim, witness, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ and ensures an enthusiastic response by children to the Church’s call for New Evangelization.

  • Scripture and doctrine help children learn the traditions of the faith.

  • Prayer is integrated throughout each chapter using traditional and guided prayer.

  • Review of the lesson provides an opportunity for the children to examine the material and involves parents in each chapter.

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