Family Catechesis Program

More than ever, it is vital that parishes provide flexible models of catechesis to accommodate the shifting faith formation landscape. The increase in distance learning and home-based catechesis means that parents are called to become their children’s primary catechists.

The Christ Our Life Family Catechesis Program helps parents grow in their own faith while guiding their children in core faith formation by providing flexible implementation options.

The Family Catechesis Program is sold annually over a four-year cycle and delivered digitally. Each year of the Family Catechesis Program includes:

For the Leader

  • Slideshow Presentations: High-quality slideshow presentations give a positive visual impact to group meetings. Each presentation includes embedded media clips and presentation notes. There are seven slideshow presentations each year.
  • Director Guide: The Director Guide has everything needed to implement a successful program, including suggestions for introducing and promoting the program, and alignment to popular faith formation instructional models.
  • Leader Guide: The Leader Guide takes you step-by-step through the content with preparation pages, audience-specific scripting, teaching tips, and visual cues.

For Families

  • Student Book, At-Home Edition, and Interactive Session Reviews: Parents carry forward the unit content at home with individually paced lessons that suit their families’ schedules, using the Student Book together with the At-Home Edition. Interactive Session Reviews gauge children’s understanding and monitor progress.

For Catechists

  • Catechist Guide: The Catechist Guide contains catechetical background, clear lesson plans, and scripting to help catechists convey faith concepts.