About the Program

The all-new Christ Our Life series is an authentic, kerygmatic catechesis program that joyfully nurtures missionary discipleship in the lives of children and their families through the love and centrality of Jesus Christ. Authored by the Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio, this beloved program, which has built generations of faithful Catholics has been completely updated and redesigned. This new version of Christ Our Life is filled with integrated multimedia to expand upon and reinforce chapter themes, while retaining all the rigorous content on which teachers and catechists depend.

“The Christ Our Life series gives each student the proper footing needed for faith-filled living. It helps catechists form students to pray, to love others, to live with a sense of morality, and hopefully to leave the Church and world better than they found it.”

—Sister Jane Marie Reisinger, S.N.D.

All program components work together along with integrated and engaging multimedia to promote an ongoing encounter with Christ and the formation of missionary disciples as lifelong witnesses to the Good News. Video, audio, interactive, and text resources are thoughtfully integrated into each chapter to spark children’s interest, curiosity, and motivation.

Program Features & Benefits

Multimedia Content: Engage children, parents, catechists, and teachers with animations, narrated videos, interactive activities, audio, and additional text resources.

Support for Teachers and Catechists: Christ Our Life offers numerous teacher and catechist resources including The Catechist Handbook, Preparing for the Faith Experience page, and 5-Minute Formation videos.

STREAM Projects for Schools: A Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, or Math cross-curricular connection is included in every unit.

Flexible Implementation Models: The Family Catechesis Program and summer intensive plan, allow Christ Our Life to be implemented however best suits a school or parish.

Assessment Options: There are numerous opportunities to review and assess student’s understanding of important concepts through use of quizzes, tests, interactive chapter reviews, and Stump the Shepherd unit reviews.

Family Catechesis Program: This program provides parishes with the tools to help parents grow in their own faith while they participate in the catechesis of their children at home.