About the Program

About the Program

God Made Everything engages young children in developmentally appropriate activities that nourish their developing relationship to God and others by weaving together essential faith content and academic topics. Print materials and online resources provide teachers, catechists, and parents with everything needed to help young children learn Scripture, prayerful practices, and the habits of a faithful Catholic in conjunction with academic topics. The God Made Everything series helps inspire God’s youngest disciples to live our Catholic faith.

The God Made Everything series has been found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church by the Ad Hoc Committee to Oversee the Use of the Catechism.

Program Features and Benefits

Instructional Preparation and Support: Catechist Preparation pages, suggested scripting, and step-by-step instructional support help teachers and catechists to prepare themselves both practically and spiritually to present the material in a confident manner.

Catholicism Across the Curriculum: Essential faith concepts are taught in tandem with age-appropriate academic content that not only instills Catholic values but also promotes children’s readiness for kindergarten and long-term academic success.

New Joy Alive Music: Lively music with accompanying movements introduces children to essential faith concepts through a highly effective and engaging way of learning.

New Big Books: Catechists and teachers can use Big Books for whole and small-group presentations that reinforce that faith is not a separate part of life but rather is the center of our lives strengthening and informing every part of our being.

New Family Welcome Guide: Parishes and schools can use this guide to promote their programs while informing parents about program content. Tips and support for parents affirm parents’ role as their child’s most influential catechists.

Scope & Sequence: God Made Me (Age 3)

Scope & Sequence: God Made the World (Age 4)

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