Individualized, Differentiated Activity Sheet


Grade 1 - Activity Sheet - based on the CRS Video The Singh Family in India

Directions: Complete at least one of the activities below to strengthen your connection to the Singhs and the principals of Catholic Social Teaching.

Who cooks in your family?

Do you do any chores to help the family?

Draw pictures showing these things.

Under the pictures, write what is shown in the pictures.

What happens when it rains where you live? Have you ever gone outside in the rain? How do you dress for the rain? How do you feel when it rains?

On separate pieces of paper, write your answers to each of the four questions above. Then draw a picture next to each answer. Put the four pieces of paper in a stack and staple them together to make a little book. Share your book with others.

Draw a picture showing the Singh family eating rice and other nutritious food. Next to it, draw a picture of your family eating nutritious food.

Bring this sheet home and pray the prayer below with your family before meals or any time:

Nurturing God,

We thank you for the food you provide us every day. Teach us to share it with others and not to waste. Help us to show them the compassion and kindness they deserve. Amen

Product: Written responses and Drawing

Product: Illustrated book

Product: Drawing and Prayer

Write a song about what you like to do on a rainy day.

Draw a picture that represents how CRS helps the Singhs live the principle of Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers. This principle means that all people should be able to provide a good life for their family through work.

Write an imaginary story about playing a game or sport with the children in the Singh family. What would you play? Tell what happens. How does it end?

Product: Song

Product: Drawing

Product: Story

Tell a partner how your family gets food. Do you go to the grocery store? Do you have a garden? Then listen to your partner talk about how his or her family gets food.

Ask an adult or older student to help you to find and read Genesis 8:15-19 in the Bible.

Then find pictures you can cut out from magazines or print from the Internet that show the story of what happened after the Great Flood when Noah, his family, and the animals left the ark. Glue the pictures on a piece of paper to make a collage.

Find where you live on a map. Find the country of India on the map. Draw your own map of the United States and India. Draw a line connecting one country to the other.

Product: Speaking & Listening with a Partner

Product: Scripture reading and craft

Product: Map