Catholic Social Teaching Video-Based Activity
Video Summary


Video Name:

The Singh Family in India

Video Length:

1 minute, 28 seconds

Grade 1 Summary

The Singh family lives in India, which is in South Asia. The Singhs have a big family. Parents, Megha and Raj, work hard every day to make sure everyone has what they need. They are happy to work. They do whatever it takes to support their family. However, the river near the Singh’s home often floods. This makes it impossible for Raj to farm rice and for Megha to go to the market to buy food.

Catholic Relief Services is helping Raj and Megha to learn new ways to farm. The new ways of farming will make sure that the family is always able to have enough food to eat, even during storms and floods.

Catholic Relief Services helped Raj buy a new type of rice that can survive even in flooded fields. Now, Raj knows that he will have a rice harvest, even in the rainy season! CRS also helped Megha by teaching her how to grow vegetables in bags! The bags are easy to use, and Megha can now plant vegetables for her family right outside the kitchen door! Now, even if it rains and Megha cannot walk to the market, she will have food to feed her family because she can grow it herself at home.

Through the hard work and dedication of CRS, the Singh family has more opportunities to be successful.

Catholic Social Teaching Principle: Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

Work is a source of joy and dignity for the Singhs because, through their hard work, they can care for their children. Even though they work very hard, the Singh’s sometimes can’t get enough food to feed their family.

CRS is helping to preserve the dignity of work by making sure that the Singhs’ hard work will result in their children having enough to eat every day.