Grade 2 Activities

for Majd in Iraq Video


Directions: Complete at least one of the activities below to strengthen your connection to Majd.


Think of a song you think Majd might like to hear. Record yourself singing or playing that song. Start the recording with you saying why you think Majd would like it.

Fill in a Venn diagram.

In the left circle, write some things Majd likes that you do not.

In the right circle, write some things you like that Majd may not.

In the middle where the two circles overlap, write some things that you and Majd both like.

Product: Written responses and Drawing

Product: Song

Product: Venn Diagram

Write a poem about what you see when you look out your window and what you would like Majd to see when he looks out of his.

Draw a picture that represents the principle of Life and Dignity of the Human Person. This principle means that we are all made in God’s image. Every human being has a special value and purpose. We need to care for each other, so we can be the people God calls us to be.

Write an imaginary story about playing a game or sport with Majd. What would you play? Tell what happens. How does it end?

Product: Poem

Product: Drawing

Product: Story

At the end of the video, Majd’s mom says that Majd used to be afraid. What helped him to not be afraid anymore and to be happy? Is there a time when you were afraid? What helped you to not be afraid?

In the book Dear Pope Francis there is a letter from Mohammed on page 32. With a partner, read this letter. Then read Pope Francis’ response on page 33. Talk with your partner about what Mohammed’s letter and Pope Francis’ response mean to you.

Find where you live on a map. Find the country of Iraq on the map. Draw your own map of the United States and Iraq. Draw a line connecting one country to the other.

Product: Written response to questions

Product: Think-Pair-Share

Product: Map