Catholic Social Teaching Video-Based Activity
Video Summary


Video name:

Majd in Iraq

Video Length:

3 minute, 19 seconds

Grade 2 Summary

Majd is 7 years old. He and his brother Sam go to school. They love going to school! For a few months, Majd could not go to school at all, because there was fighting in his town and his family had to move to another town. A lot of people in Iraq have had to move. Many of them now live in big camps. Catholic Relief Services opened a school at the camp where Majd and his family live. Now Majd and his brother can go to a school there. Their mom, Lamya, is a teacher, and CRS is helping her to learn new teaching methods to become a better teacher. Now the family is very happy in their new town.

Catholic Social Teaching Principle: Solidarity

Even though Iraq is very far away from the United States, and even though Majd and his family are not Catholic, the Catholic Church believes that Majd and his family are created in God’s image. The Catholic Church believes all people are created in God’s image. Because they are created in God’s image, all people are special and sacred, just like you and me. They deserve a life of dignity, where they can live in safety, have enough food and water, and a house to live in. They deserve the dignity of education and work so that they can help themselves and others. Catholic Relief Services provided a school where Majd and other children could get an education and his mom could work. Now they have friends in their new town too. They learn and work together. They are happy!