Grade 3 Activities

for Maria in Mexico Video


Directions: Complete at least one of the activities below to strengthen your connection to Maria.

Go outside at your school or in your neighborhood to take pictures of God’s Creation. You may find it in surprising places. Make a slideshow of your images to share with others.

Write a recipe that has corn as an ingredient. Draw or find a picture of the completed dish. At the bottom of the picture write how you think that dish would taste if corn were not available?

With a partner, write and perform a short play showing things we can do to care for God's creation to help reduce the consequences of climate change.

Product: Slideshow

Product: Recipe and picture

Product: Short play

Maria lives in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Draw a map that shows where you live and where Maria lives. Label each place. Use a map to find the distance between the two places. Think about what you saw in the video.

Write one thing that is similar between where you and Maria live. Write one thing that is different between where you and Maria live.

Catholic Relief Services helped Maria’s village construct and equip a greenhouse so the women could grow and sell cacti to help make money so they can buy the things they need. “Construct” a shoebox greenhouse that would grow what is needed for a just society, such as kindness, fairness, prayer, faith in God, friendship, fortitude, and so on...

Working together on the Cactus Project has helped the women take their minds off the things that worry them. What positive things do you do to take your mind off your worries? Use a shoebox or other box to make a diorama showing you doing that thing.

Product: Map with Text

Product: Greenhouse model

Product: Diorama

The people in Maria’s village are no longer able to raise corn because of changes in the amount of rain that falls there. Research how much rainfall your state receives in each year and what kinds of crops are grown where you live.

The role of women in Maria’s village has changed. With a partner, create a timeline showing at least 5 milestones that have changed women’s home and work roles during the past 100 years in North America.

Read about Isidore the Farmer, the patron saint of farmers. Write a prayer asking God to help farmers. Decorate the finished prayer with images of fruits, vegetables, grains, and other plants.

Product: Slideshow

Product: Timeline

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