Catholic Social Teaching Video-Based Activity
Video Summary


Video name:

Maria in Mexico

Video Length:

3 minutes, 38 seconds

Grade 3 Summary

Maria is from Hidalgo, Mexico. She has 6 children. Maria and other members of her community used to grow a lot of corn. However, because of climate change, there is less rain, and the corn does not grow well anymore. The residents needed to find another way to make money in order to buy food and other things they need. Maria and the other women from her village came together to form a social business. A social business is a business created to help solve a problem. Cacti grow in hot weather, and they do not need much water. At first, the women did not have enough to get started, but CRS helped them buy supplies and gave them the training they needed to make their Cactus Project business successful. Now, the business is doing very well. The women produce food and earn money by treating the earth with respect and growing crops that work with the dry environment. In addition, Maria and the other women really like to come to the garden because it brings them friendship, joy, and excitement.

Catholic Social Teaching Principle: Care for God's Creation

The Catholic Church teaches that God is the creator of all things, including people, animals, plants, and our planet. He wants us to enjoy his creation. We also have a responsibility to care for all God has made. Caring for the earth is an important way in which we strengthen and restore our connection to God and participate in his creation. Everyone deserves the opportunity to support themselves. God calls us to work to build communities and bring justice in ways that show respect for all creation, including people, plants, animals, and the earth itself. Catholic Relief Services provided an opportunity for Maria and the women in her village to earn a living and feed their families in a way that respects the environment. Now they are happy!