Grade 5 Activities

for Cesia in Nicaragua Video


Directions: Complete at least one of the activities below to strengthen your connection to Cesia and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Cesia knew that she liked working with animals. But she didn’t know how to turn that passion into a job. This is a challenge for many people. Tell a partner what kinds of things you love to do and discuss your ideas for how you might be able to turn those passions into a career. Then, let your partner do the same. Practice listening and responding positively to each other’s ideas.

The basic rights of workers include: fair wages, the option to join unions, and have private property and government policies that support economic growth for all citizens. These protect and recognize the dignity of work. Write a prayer asking God to guide business leaders, governments, and individuals to work together for these rights.

Cesia’s mother is very proud of Cesia and her accomplishments.

Using art supplies or a computer/tablet, create a collage of the ways you make your family members proud.

Product: Pair Discussion

Product: Prayer

Product: Collage

Cesia lives in Aguas Calientes, Nicaragua. Research the kinds of jobs and recreational activities people in this region enjoy. Make a Venn Diagram. In the left oval, show the jobs and recreational activities found only in Aguas Calientes and in the right oval show only those in your area. In the middle of the diagram, show those jobs and recreation that are common in both areas.

Draw your own map of the United States and Nicaragua. Identify where you live on the map. Draw the landforms where you live and where Cesia lives. Add symbols for the industries in both areas. Create a legend for the map. Write in miles and kilometers the distance from where you live to where Cesia lives.

Write a mock interview as if you are interviewing your family members. Write questions you would ask them about what they enjoy about their work and about what you do that makes them proud. Write the answers you imagine they would give you to those questions. If you like, share the mock interview with your family.

Product: Venn Diagram

Product: Map

Product: Written Mock Interview

Complete the CST Activity Sheet for NICARAGUA: Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers.

Gaining knowledge and learning skills to run a business gave Cesia confidence.

Make a list of all the ways you saw Cesia behaving confidently in the video.

With a partner, write a short play that demonstrates how a character maintains dignity through work. In the plot, include how the workers’ rights are protected and maintained.

Product: Written Responses

Product: List

Product: Short Play