Catholic Social Teaching Video-Based Activity
Case Study


Video name:

Cesia in Nicaragua

Video Length:

3 minutes, 13 seconds

Grade 5 Video Summary

Cesia is a young woman who lives in a small village in Nicaragua, a beautiful country in Central America. Before her involvement in a program called YouthBuild, sponsored by Catholic Relief Services, Cesia didn’t have job skills and she lacked self-confidence. There weren’t many opportunities for work in her village, and although she finished high school and was a good student, she didn’t know how to turn her passion for animals into a career. Cesia gained the entrepreneurial and life skills by participating in the YouthBuild program. She now runs an animal feed business that provides her with income and helps others in the community. She and her whole family are proud and grateful for the opportunities and dignity Cesia’s work provides.

Catholic Social Teaching Principle: Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers

Making a living is a way for people to participate in God’s creation. As a result of her involvement in the YouthBuild program, Cesia has meaningful work as a business owner. Through this work, she has dignity and confidence and the ability to help herself, her family, and her village.


Cesia Hernandez Gomez


Cesia graduated from high school but did not have the confidence or opportunity to continue her education and find meaningful, productive work.


Cesia joined YouthBuild, a program funded by CRS, that helps young people develop life skills, confidence, and learn business skills that build personal and economic resilience for herself, her family and her village.


Cesia learned about the best feed for livestock and how to run a small business. Because of the training and support she received through YouthBuild, Cesia started her own business that sells animal feed to local farmers. Now she has a more hopeful future. Her mother and her whole family are very proud of all that Cesia has accomplished. Cesia continues to provide for her family and find dignity in her work.