Catholic Social Teaching Video-Based Activity
Case Study


Video name:

SMILE Kids Program: Improving the Wellbeing of Vulnerable Children

Video Length:

2 minutes, 8 seconds

Grade 6 Video Summary

Mary is a teenager in Nigeria. She used to be very shy and did not feel very confident or happy in front of other people. However, Mary joined a program called SMILE Kids Club that is sponsored by Catholic Relief Services in her town. The activities of the club helped Mary develop her leadership skills. Mary and her mother, Sarah, talk about the benefits that the SMILE Kids Club has given Mary, like confidence and the ability to lead and comfort other children. Now, Mary is a confident and respected member of her community. She used to think that only boys could be airline pilots. Now Mary wants to be an airline pilot!

Catholic Social Teaching Principle: Call to Family, Community and Participation

The SMILE Kids Club is a program that helps girls learn leadership skills, so that they can feel more confident and participate in many different ways in their communities. The SMILE Kids Club helped Mary to learn that she is a great leader. She feels confident participating in her community, and now she wants to pursue a career she did not think was possible for her. Mary’s story is one example of how the SMILE Kids Club has developed an excellent leader and contributing participant in a community.




Mary was very shy and lacked confidence in herself.


CRS-sponsored SMILE Kids Project, which helped girls like Mary learn leadership skills so that they can be more confident and participate in their communities in many different ways.


After joining the SMILE Kids Program, Mary became more confident. She used to think that only boys could be airline pilots, but the SMILE program has shown her that she can set goals for her future and can be whatever it is she wants to be, including an airline pilot!