Sacramental Preparation


Sacramental Preparation

Preparing to receive the sacraments is a unique and spiritually enriching time in a child’s life. Full of meaningful moments, the experience creates special opportunities for the entire family to affirm and celebrate their faith. Loyola Press has developed comprehensive programs to support all those involved in guiding young people on this faith journey. With Restored Order programs, adapted materials for children with special needs, and abundant video resources, the following materials will help you guide children toward a life of discipleship and an understanding of what it means to be Catholic in today’s world.

Springs of Faith – A comprehensive family formation and baptismal preparation program, Springs of Faith is comprised of three phases. The Discover phase welcomes young adults who are looking for a community of faith, or those who desire to grow deeper in their Catholic faith. The Encounter phase properly prepares parents for their child’s Baptism, ensuring that adults sense the beauty, power, and mystery of the sacrament. Finally, the Share phase provides families with post-baptismal, ongoing support for lifelong faith practice and to help them develop a meaningful connection to their local parish. Although each phase of the program has its own specific and important goal, the three phases together point to something even greater – our baptismal call to be lifelong followers of Jesus. Available in English and Spanish.

God's Gift – Prepares students and their families for a lifetime of faith inspired by the graces received in the sacraments. The Primary edition (for young children) and Intermediate edition (for older children) prepare students for the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation. The newly added Restored Order edition prepares children for Confirmation in the Restored Order. Available in English and bilingual editions.

Confirmed in the Spirit – Prepares young people to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit and provides resources to catechists, parents, and sponsors. The curriculum is adaptable to fit your program duration (one-year, two-year, and half-year) as well as summer intensive, and at-home study. Available in English and bilingual editions.

Adaptive First Eucharist Preparation Kit, Adaptive Reconciliation Kit, and Adaptive Confirmation Kit – Developed to serve the faith formation needs of students with autism and other special needs. Available in both English and Spanish, the adaptive kits provide catechists, teachers, and parents with the tools and guidance to offer meaningful catechesis for all children. Available in English and Spanish.