Catechist Guide

Easy to use, the Catechist Guide allows catechists to jump right in with confidence as they lead young people toward the celebrations of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. It provides unparalleled support and preparation tools, offering “head knowledge” to help catechists be successful in the classroom but also spiritual care to guide them each week as they prepare for the important task of teaching the lesson.

Available in English and Bilingual versions


  • The 3-Minute Retreat, a unique prayer opportunity, opens each chapter and helps catechists focus their hearts and minds on God.
  • Background on Scripture, Tradition, and catechesis prepares catechists for effective teaching.
  • Easy-to-follow lesson planners help catechists implement a clear plan for each chapter.
  • The Catechist Handbook provides valuable information about teaching with passion and purpose, and preparing young people for the sacraments.
  • Scripted questions and specific answers ensure that classroom discussions go smoothly.
  • Blackline masters make it easy for catechists to review chapter concepts with young people.

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