Child’s Book

Child’s Book

Firmly grounded in Scripture and prayer, the Child’s Book prepares children to fully enter into and live out their Catholic faith. Through stories, prayers, activities, and application of the ideas to daily life, children deepen their relationship with God and the Church as they prepare to celebrate Confirmation.

Available in English and Bilingual versions


  • Lessons are explored through reading, conversation, prayer, and activities geared toward young children.
  • Each chapter follows a four-part structure—Engage, Explore, Reflect, Respond—that fully involves both the heart and the mind.
  • Scripture stories and links to Scripture enrich the experience and help children grow in their love for God’s Word.
  • Prayer experiences vary from chapter to chapter, exposing children to many different ways they can connect to God.
  • Key Catholic beliefs and practices are presented at the end of each chapter to further prepare children to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

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