About the Program

Fully aligned to the USCCB’s most recent changes to the rite of Baptism*, Springs of Faith is a baptismal preparation and family formation program thoughtfully created to meet the needs of young adults and families who long for a community of faith and are considering having their children baptized in the Catholic Church.

The program is comprised of three phases—Discover, Encounter, and Share—which provide an array of opportunities for participants to connect with one another as they grow in their own faith and prepare for the journey of raising their children in the Catholic faith.

In the Discover phase, individuals and couples from across the faith spectrum, including seekers and those who may be contemplating a return to their Catholic roots, are invited to explore and discuss their own faith while also being introduced to some of the core values and beliefs of the Catholic Church. The Discover phase is all about meeting people “where they are,” and offering them meaningful reasons to consider journeying farther down the path of faith.

In the Encounter phase, parents prepare for the baptism of their child as they carefully and prayerfully consider each element in the rite of Baptism.

In the Share phase, families with recently baptized children come together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere to learn ways in which they can grow the nascent faith of their little ones, create and sustain an environment of faith in the home, and stay engaged in the life of the parish.

Step-by-Step Support

Springs of Faith offers full support and direction at every step, both for the program coordinator and for the leader of each phase. Furthermore, the program is highly flexible, offering multiple implementation models so that the specific needs of your parish can be met.

*All references to/citations of the rite of Baptism in the Springs of Faith program are taken from the Order of Baptism of Children, Second Edition (2020), approved by the USCCB and confirmed by the Apostolic See.