Baby and Me

Baby and Me

Essentially faith formation for babies, toddlers, and small children, Baby and Me—part of the Share phase of Springs of Faith—provides a way for parents to nurture the new faith of their child through faith-focused songs, movements, activities, and prayers. Additionally, Baby and Me is a wonderful way to keep parents and their child engaged with the parish once the baptism itself is over. Finally, these sessions provide young parents the opportunity not only to bond in a special way with their own child but also to make meaningful connections with other adults at a similar stage in life.


Baby and Me is conveniently structured into three levels that group children at similar developmental stages (0-12 months, 12-24 months, and 24-36 months), providing age-appropriate activities. Each level features seven 45-minute sessions plus a final celebration gathering. Each age group and its corresponding themes are associated with a Person of the Holy Trinity: God, Our Creator (0-12 months); Jesus, Our Savior (12-24 months); and The Holy Spirit, Our Guide (24-36 months).

Baby and Me utilizes the same Engage, Explore, Reflect, and Respond format found in other segments of Springs of Faith. All three levels’ main sessions offer opportunities for singing, hand motions (signing), prayer, and simple activities; the Parent and Baby Celebration at the end follows a slightly different format, featuring playtime, snack time, and story time.

A Scope and Sequence chart for each level along with easy-to-follow, level-specific instructions for leaders make for smooth, stress-free gatherings. The gatherings can be held consecutively on the same day each week (e.g., one level after another on Wednesday mornings), or a different day or night each week can be designated for each age level (e.g., 0-12 months on Mondays, 12-24 months on Tuesdays, and 24-36 months on Wednesdays).