Encounter Phase

Encounter Phase

The Encounter phase of Springs of Faith fully prepares parents for the sanctity and celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism for their infant children by focusing on the mystery and experience of the rite of Baptism*. The environment of the Encounter sessions is welcoming and engaging, designed to build community and create bonds between parents, thus strengthening the parish community.


Through two 3-hour sessions, parents explore the rite of Baptism, including the Scripture and Tradition behind each step of the rite and their own personal responses to each step. Each of the sessions is divided into four steps: Engage, Explore, Reflect, Respond.The Explore step in each session features five segments (see below), with each segment covering one key part of the baptismal rite.

Through prayer, activities, videos, and interaction with other parents, participants’ hearts and minds are nurtured as they prepare for their child’s baptism. Unique to this program is the full video of an actual baptism broken down into ten separate clips, five per session, with each clip portraying and explaining a specific element of the rite. The videos bring to life the sacrament, making each step relatable to participants.

Session 1 Segments:

Baptism: The Visible Sign of Our Call to Christ

What Name Do You Give Your Child?

What Do You Ask of God’s Church?

Do You Clearly Understand What You Are Undertaking?

The Readings, Prayers, and Anointing Before Baptism

Session 2 Segments:

Blessing and Invocation of God over Baptismal Water

The Baptism: Renunciation of Sin, Profession of Faith, and Pouring or Immersion in Water

Anointing After Baptism and Clothing in the White Garment

Light and Opening: The Lighted Candle and Ephphetha Rite

Baptismal Acclamation, the Lord’s Prayer, and Concluding Rite

Special Keepsake for Parents

Each family participating in the Encounter phase receives a copy of the keepsake My Photo Bible for Babies, an illustrated Bible story book with a slot for baby’s picture in each illustration. Additionally, each family receives the Activity Journal for Parents and Godparents, a beautifully created magazine-style journal that helps parents and godparents prepare for the upcoming baptism.

*All references to/citations of the rite of Baptism in the Springs of Faith program are taken from the Order of Baptism of Children, Second Edition (2020), approved by the USCCB and confirmed by the Apostolic See.