Holy Desperation 2018 Book of the Year

Loyola Press wins Association of Catholic Publisher’s “Book of the Year”

Heather King’s Holy Desperation honored with ACP “Book of the Year”


CHICAGO, Ill, June 26—Holy Desperation by Heather King won the Association of Catholic Publisher’s “Book of the Year” award. King was honored with the award during the 2018 Excellence in Publishing Awards in New York City on June 26, 2018.

Loyola Press won a total of 3 awards during the ceremony. In addition to “Book of the Year,” Holy Desperation won first place in the Inspiration category. Amy Welborn’s Loyola Kids Book of Bible Stories earned second place in the Children’s Books category.

The event was held at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture where fellow Loyola Press authors Michael Leach and Kerry Weber emceed and provided thoughtful insights on the best in Catholic publishing during the ceremony.

“To be recognized by the ACP is not only an honor, but it also reaffirms us in our mission to help others develop and nurture a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ though books such as Heather King’s Holy Desperation. Loyola Press is proud to have been able to share with her readers Heather’s inspiring words and invitation to enter into that relationship just as each one of us is,” said Santiago Cortés-Sjöberg, Vice President of New Product Development at Loyola Press.

In the ACP-winning book Holy Desperation, King demonstrates that, when we’re desperate, it’s precisely the right time to cry out to God. King, a survivor of addiction, knows how to relate to the audience. She begins the book with the basics of how to pray when you’re uncertain that God exists or when you feel that you’re beyond God’s reach. Holy Desperation reveals how prayer can lead us beyond ourselves and into a life of purpose, lived for the good of others.

According to the ACP, judges said that Holy Desperation was, “A brutally honest and poignant story of one woman’s journey from sin and addiction to a faith that she now proclaims through the ministry of writing.”

“I am humbled to the ground. And I think this definitely proves that the Church has a place for everyone,” said King.

King is the author of several books, among them Stripped and Shirt of Flame. In addition to writing books, she writes a weekly column on arts and culture for The Tidings and blogs at www.Heather-King.com.

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