A Reflection by Dr. Lawrence Sutton

Sometimes I need to remember that God is there, and so I pray:

As busy as I can be, no matter how many important things need to be done, you are there. Sometimes I’m alone or feel confused or depressed, and you are there. I feel lost, and it’s at these times that I need to turn to you in prayer, and you gently nudge and guide me first into prayer and then to where I need to be. I try very hard. God, you have gifted me with amazing sight to see the big picture and to recognize what needs to be done. But it’s sobering to realize at times that I’m not Superman and can’t always do everything. Still, you are there to help me to see my part in the big picture; you have helped me to grow closer to you when I recognize you are always with me.

Dr. Lawrence Sutton

Dr. Lawrence Sutton

Dr. Lawrence R. Sutton is an ordained deacon and a psychologist specializing in autism.

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