Well Connected

A Reflection by Eric Sundrup, SJ

In a world of social media and hyper-connected smart phones, branching out and connecting can seem easy. In John’s Gospel Jesus reminds us that though we branch out, we must never forget where we are rooted, the vine that supports the branches.

As is often the case, the great benefits of technology and digital interconnection come with a serious temptation. If we forget our roots, if we focus only on the branches and the connections, we can cut ourselves off from the source of our life. If our connections, our branches, are to bear fruit, we must remain rooted, connected to the vine, connected to the source of life and growth.

Have you taken time to consider the root of your networks and connections?

What drives your outreach, your desire to connect?

(Pray to Jesus using this prayer or one of your own.)

Lord Jesus, help me to see your work in my drive to connect and to know you more fully in my own desires. Help me to remain connected to you, the source of all life, so that I may bear good fruit.

The Adaptive Teacher

 Eric Sundrup, SJ

Eric Sundrup, SJ

Eric Sundrup, SJ, is the Associate Editor of The Jesuit Post, a website about Jesus, politics, and pop-culture, the Catholic Church, sports, and Socrates.

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