Being of Service: 3-Minute Retreat


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Being of Service

Jim Deeds shares his reflection on today’s retreat:

Jesus turned the wisdom of his time on its head. How can a leader be a servant? It did not make sense. And yet, he stated this not in a parable that took time to work out but in direct language. Not only did he name himself as a servant-leader, he told us we should be like him in this regard.

For me to live my role as a servant-leader, I have to set aside my own need for recognition and praise. It is not all about me; I am all about God. Great things happened around Jesus, because he knew that he came to serve his Father in heaven. Could we commit right now to serving our Father and setting aside our own need to be seen as important?

If we do this, we will surely rejoice, because our names will be written in heaven!

Jim Deeds

Jim Deeds is a husband and father from the wonderful and wounded city of Belfast, Ireland. He works as an author, poet, retreat giver, and pastoral worker across Ireland and beyond.

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