A Reflection by Fr Steven Bell

Is death the end of hope? In moments of death, despair and darkness, it may seem like hope has met its match. Yet Jesus’ loving challenge to Martha at the death of her brother Lazarus is also a loving challenge to us.

Do we place our trust in the dark moments? Or, can we believe beyond the darkness that our eyes see and our heart feels in Jesus who, with great power and love, brings eternal life, hope, and light. Our “Yes” to Jesus’ question is the key to finding hope in dark times. The challenge for us is to strengthen our belief that Jesus brings life to the darkness in our lives.

Fr Steven Bell

Fr Steven Bell

Fr. Steven Bell is the associate director of Busted Halo, a network and ministry for young adult spiritual seekers dedicated to creating a responsive and engaging community where people can discuss the intersection of faith, culture, politics and life.

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