Choosing Life: 3-Minute Retreat


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Choosing Life

Peggy Weber shares her reflection on today’s retreat:

Whenever a plane flies over my house, my 20-month-old grandson jumps in my lap and clings to me. He says, “cared, cared.” (Translation: “scared, scared.”) I rub his back and sing to him. He calms down, and all is well. Today’s verses make me want to try to imagine that same comfort from God. I want to jump into the lap of the Lord and really listen to God. I want to take the time to do it. No excuses. No buts. I want to say, “I trust you. I am yours. I will try and do as you say.” The challenges are to find the time and quiet to listen and have the strength and trust to truly heed what I hear.

God, to whom I hold fast, help me to hear your voice and tune out all the noise that keeps me from being truly close to you.

Vinita Hampton Wright

Peggy Weber

Peggy Weber is an award-winning journalist and author who has been working at her craft for almost 40 years, primarily with the Catholic press. The author of the popular "Spun from the Web" column, she loves her faith, family, baseball and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. She loves to laugh a lot—often at herself—which helps her to truly feel “enough.

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