Chosen to Love: 3-Minute Retreat


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Chosen to Love

Deanna Bartalini shares her reflection on today’s retreat:

So often it’s easy to believe that all of our efforts for others, done out of love, aren’t appreciated.

And while that may be true more often than we’d like, receiving appreciation isn’t the reason we love.

We love because we have been loved by the Father with an overwhelming abundance. Our response is to share that abundance with others. We share not in hopes of getting something back but out of a desire to put our faith in action and to bring hope to others.

For me, sometimes the most difficult part is believing God loves me as much as He does. Faith and hope take away that doubt.  

Deanna Bartalini

Deanna Bartalini is the Director of Faith Formation at St. Edward Catholic Church in Palm Beach, FL.

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