Do Not Be Afraid

A Reflection by Vinita Hampton Wright

This 3-Minute Retreat is quite timely for the world that faces a pandemic! At such a time, we are tempted toward:

  • Fear: Will I or my loved ones get ill, even die? Will the economic disruption throw my family into crisis?
  • Panic: What about my job, or my kids’ school? What about events and trips on our calendar? What if the economy doesn’t bounce back quickly enough?
  • Placing blame: This is [blank’s] fault! Why are officials moving so slowly? Why can’t hospitals handle this better?

But don’t you think that Jesus’ “Don’t be afraid” applies to every situation that is scary or threatening? As people of faith, shouldn’t we set an example of hopefulness, generosity, and calm? I pray that I will behave as a true disciple of Jesus during these tense and unpredictable days.

 Vinita Hampton Wright

Vinita Hampton Wright

Vinita Hampton Wright is a Loyola Press editor and writer of many books, including Days of Deepening Friendship and Simple Acts of Moving Forward.

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