Do You Believe?: 3-Minute Retreat
Do You Believe?

Matt Weber shares his reflection on today’s retreat:

Do You Believe?

I believe.

This simple two-word statement begins so many of life’s treasured moments.  When I was literally shaking as I left my mother’s minivan, nervously ready to start high school, my mother calmly shared, “I believe in you Matthew.”

One of my favorite movie moments is from “Miracle on 34th Street” when a young Natalie Wood repeats, “I believe, I believe…” convincing herself Santa Claus exists.  

At Church, “I believe” is ingrained in our profession of faith, and it is during the sacrament of Confirmation that I made sure I meant these two powerful words. Often times we are asked, “What do we believe?” Take three minutes to reaffirm the bigger question of “Do I believe?” and enjoy the graces of a resounding 'yes' to God.

Matt Weber

Matt Weber

Matt Weber is an author as well as the host of the CatholicTV show, A Word with Weber.

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