A Reflection by Peggy Weber

When sorrow or heartache hit, we often ask the question why. Why did the accident happen? Why did the cancer come? Why didn’t I get the job? Why didn’t the relationship last?

And often the response to that why question is the same one in today’s Gospel. The reality is that we are often like the disciples who “did not yet understand.”

Yet we continue to trust and believe in God and the Resurrection, even when bad things happen.

We have the perspective of more than 2,000 years and can see that Christ had to die in order to rise from the dead. And this gives us perspective in real time, so that today we can continue to pray to understand and celebrate.

Dear Lord, thank you for enduring so much in order to bring us new life and real hope.

Peggy Weber

Peggy Weber

Peggy Weber is an award-winning journalist and author who has been working at her craft for almost 40 years, primarily with the Catholic press. The author of the popular "Spun from the Web" column, she loves her faith, family, baseball and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. She loves to laugh a lot—often at herself—which helps her to truly feel “enough." She lives in Western Massachusetts with her dear husband John and relishes frequent visits from her seven

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