Faith, Hope, and Love: 3-Minute Retreat


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Faith, Hope, and Love

Matt Weber shares his reflection on today’s retreat:

It is very easy to ask this Loyola Press author to reflect on the 1 Corinthians verse on love as I recently got married!

St. Paul is definitely right. Of the three spiritual gifts from God, the greatest truly is love. Reading a passage from Luke before my wedding (5:10), I took great comfort in the verse: “Do not be afraid.” I naturally reflected on the second line of that passage and quipped to my fiancé, “You have successfully been a fisher of man ... I’m quite happily caught.”

After receiving a loving roll of the eyes, I thought deeply about how love and relationships transform our lives. How the sacrament of marriage is a beautiful expression and gift of both supremely public and deeply private love—between us and our loved ones and with us and God. Living out a life devoted to one another, raising faith-filled children, and loving in an even deeper way, together with God—what a gift! Brimming with faith and hope (and not being too afraid), we embark on a new fishing expedition together with Christ—transformed by love and treasuring our many gifts from God.

Matt Weber

Matt Weber

Matt Weber is an author as well as the host of the CatholicTV show, A Word with Weber.

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