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A Reflection by Joyce Donahue

Reconciliation is probably one of the most difficult tasks for the Christian. How often do we judge, hold grudges, label, and distance ourselves from those who have hurt us or simply not met our standards? Ever tried loving someone who openly dislikes you? It’s not easy.

One strategy I’ve found useful when faced with a difficult person is to remember that we are both loved by God, and to task myself with discovering what it is God loves about that person. Sometimes I’ve had to search really hard!

Jesus, who from the Cross forgave those who caused his death, calls us to love one another in spite of our human failings. He asks for an authenticity that requires us to reconcile with others before we present ourselves to the Father in worship. Because what separates us from one another truly separates us from God.

Joyce Donahue

Joyce Donahue

Joyce Donahue, MA, MPS, is a liturgical catechist and former diocesan administrator.

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