Glimmers of God: 3-Minute Retreat
Glimmers of God

Megan Arteaga shares her reflection on today's retreat:

The mirror is an unavoidable part of my morning routine: I catch glimpses of myself multiple times before I head out the door while brushing my teeth, combing my hair, and deciding if my shoes match my outfit or not. What I see is rarely surprising, since the task of the mirror is simply to reflect what’s in front of it. But what if I were the mirror? What am I constantly facing in my life that I would reflect? Would it be envy over my friends’ perfectly filtered Instagram posts? Pride at thinking I’m “not a terrible person”? Laziness in not striving for a closer relationship with God? If I were the mirror, my hope would be that there be at least a few times when I would be living my life in such a way that it would allow a glimpse of the face of God to shine through to the people around me.

Megan Arteaga

Megan Arteaga

Megan Arteaga is the sixth- through twelfth-grade Youth Ministry Coordinator for the Church of Santa Maria, a small parish in Orinda, CA.

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