God Calls Us to Obey: 3-Minute Retreat
God Calls Us to Obey

Maureen McCann Waldron shares her reflection on today’s retreat:

Love, peace, patience, generosity, gentleness.  These wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit are both simple and nearly impossible to use. A moment of prayer often helps me find one of these gifts when I most need it. On the other hand I’m least likely to ask for help during that moment of stress.

But these wonderful gifts are the oil that keep all relationships working. They help us loosen the grip of our self-centeredness and anger. They ease the tight grasp of a grudge that seems so important to hang onto. They fuel us with superhuman patience in the face of a stubborn two year old and with deep peace in moments of crisis.

Holy Spirit, shower us with your gifts and help us share those gifts in our lives today.

Maureen McCann Waldron

Maureen McCann Waldron

Maureen McCann Waldron graduated from Creighton University with a degree in journalism.

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