God's Compassion

A Reflection by Paul Brian Campbell, SJ

When I’m calm and centered, it’s easy enough for me to recall and give thanks for the super-abundant graces that God gives me every moment of every day.

When I’m fearful, frustrated, or feeling overwhelmed, however, I simply close in on myself and, I’m sad to say, forget all about the gifts of God. It becomes “me against the world,” and I fight with all my strength to overcome my problems on my own.

This approach, of course, is sheer folly. None of us is ever alone in our troubles. No matter who else deserts us, the God who experienced being forsaken on Calvary knows our trials and is constantly with us. It is in these dark moments that God’s grace is the only gift we need.

God never forgets me. I will do my best never to forget God.

 Paul Brian Campbell, SJ

Paul Brian Campbell, SJ

Paul Brian Campbell, SJ is a Jesuit priest and associate pastor at Holy Trinity Parish in Washington, DC. Previously the Publisher at Loyola Press, Father Paul continues his dedication to encouraging others to work together and find God in all things.

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