A Reflection by Elizabeth Pardi

Considering the glory of nature and all of our remarkable blessings, it’s easy to disregard God and instead set our sights on the beautiful gifts he’s provided.

Long outdoor runs are my favorite time to be in awe of creation. Not only am I externally surrounded by natural magnificence, but internally as well, as vitamin D and endorphins course through my veins. Those runs feel like paradise and I find myself frequently unable to utter anything except, “Thank you, Lord,” although language falls so short of adequately expressing my gratitude.

When I found myself with a broken foot one summer, I was beyond livid. How could you? I asked the Lord, shaking my angry fist. Wait, he kept replying. I want to show you something. Throughout the healing process I learned how to rejoice in God’s glory in many other ways besides running and also discovered a plethora of exercises that I came to love.

He wanted me to know him, not running. Him. And when I was forced to fall into his arms, broken foot, shattered confidence and all, he eagerly embraced and healed me, raining down abundant blessings in the process.

I sadly shortchange myself when I set my happiness on the gift and ignore the giver. Next time I find myself basking in the pleasure of one of his blessings, I must bear in mind his yearning for me to bask in him alone.

Elizabeth Pardi

Elizabeth Pardi

Elizabeth Pardi is a wife, mother, writer, runner and perpetual pajama wearer. She writes from Columbus, OH where she seeks joy by learning and laughing her way through the messiness of this journey. Read more of her work at lovealwaysliz.com.

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